Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Outcasts

I started this a while ago, and I can't get myself to finish it. It's about being different, acceptance and wanting to belong. It brought back a lot of painful memories. I went to eleven schools in twelve years. I was always the "new kid". It was hard to try to fit in when you didn't even know who you were yourself. My sisters and I became masters of transformation and observation. We would come into a new school and bam, we transformed our clothing, language, accent, whatever it took. Maybe I'll complete this soon, maybe not.


  1. Que linda pintura Marybel.... mi reina, como te admiro, eres unica, llena de talento, amor, felicidad, linda hija, esposa, sobrina, mama, amiga, y puedo seguirle dale y dale ........ te quiero besos y abrazos - TU FAN #1

  2. I love it! Save it for me for the next time I come visit!!
    11 schools in 12 years made one special mama!!

  3. Oh Marybel, you HAVE to finish this...I would LOVE a print of this!! Por favor!!