Monday, May 27, 2013

Puppet Show!

I wanted to make a puppet that resembled Evita Perón. I knew what she was going to look like, I just didn't know how to make her. I didn't want to look for "how to's" online because I didn't want to be influenced. So, here I was with an idea and no instructions... YES!!!

I bought a bunch of materials and and got started! 

I wanted Evita to have a *spark* in her eyes so I used a doll's eyes that opened and closed (gasp!). Not the right color because dolls with open/close eyes are difficult to come by.

I wanted her to have a soft body, so I started by making a hand puppet.

I made a foam "skull" and placed the eyes in the sockets.

This is the anatomy of puppet Evita!

Sculpy was molded onto the face. Then removed carefully and baked. I made little hands too. The first time the face broke! I made another face and secured it with some foil so that it wouldn't move while it was baking in the oven.

Voilá! Face and hands ready for acrylic paint! I sewed some wire onto the back of the hand puppet as arms to then place the hands.

Treated her to a five star manicure.

Her blazer was made out of sewn felt, and her skirt out of a skirt I bought at a thrift store.

I bought hair extensions at a beauty supply store. Beautiful straight blonde hair. I secured the hairdo with hot glue.

Ladies and gentlemen... straight from Argentina... Evita Perón!

To bring her to life I sang (she sang) the Argentine National Anthem! It was a success! So much fun!

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  1. LOVE her! I can almost hear her sing. Thanks for sharing the progress. So creative and inspiring!