Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Am Light

I have been learning about the ego and the soul and our true essence as spiritual beings having a human experience. I have learned from the greats: Tolle, Williamson, Ruiz, Singer and Chopra to name a few. 
Sometimes when we get wrapped up in daily life it's important to separate yourself and realize that our problems do not define who we are. In fact our identities or professions do not define what we truly are either. 
I wanted to create a piece that would show the layers that envelop what we really are. I wanted to create a mystical mood by giving it a tarot card feel and an almost religious look by giving them a stained glass look. Magical!
Here it is!

I am not a mother. 

I am not an artist. 

I am not my body. 

I am not my organs. 

I am not my bones. 

I am light!

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