Sunday, May 18, 2014

The End Has Come

My head is still spinning from the past few weeks. Between finishing finals and a horrendous back ache I feel like I just completed Iron Man. I am now half way through my junior year. I cannot believe it! Now time to paint and make some more art. Here are some snapshots of finals week. Enjoy!

This painting is called "Stay Until You Grow"

These are part of my Expanded Field final. We had to collaborate with someone. I worked with a naturopath and I did a performance piece on Integrative Medicine. I'm waiting on the photos taken during the performance. I'll post them when I get them. 

My ceramics cups! We made these using an extruder. 

Of course, Gold Biggie...

Chaos in the studio. 

Painting my last piece!

The crew at the end of year party at PNCA. 


  1. Awesome Marybel! Keep up the great work and most of all FINISH STRONG!!!

  2. Love everything! Stay until you grow is amazing!