Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Day In the Life of Marybel Martin

A Day in the Life of Marybel Martin is a group of very personal watercolors dedicated to illustrating where my mind is on any given day. Enjoy!

"A Garden in Her Hair" is my dream state, this is when I'm sleeping and recharging. The banner says: Los sueƱos se hacen realidad si crees en ellos… siempre" - Dreams come true if you believe in them… always.

"The Cleanse" is the daily ritualistic bath and grooming, it's not only physical, it's a mental and spiritual cleanse as well.

"Staying Grounded" Is the balanced, grounded and unattached state that is best for making major decisions. If you look closely, there are two little birds… those are my boys.

"Vipassana" Is meditation, where one is in observation and peace.

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